We are model Citizens



MArio Rivera

Conceived on the south side of Chicago, coming in at a weight of God knows what, and with a name like Mario Rivera, of course he would be on a podcast on the Internet. A lover of films and comic books, no detail is too obscure for this nerd. Mario currently spends his time mostly lurking on the internet as @Thatmariorivera where he maintains his YouTube channel of the same name. He loves sushi and burritos.

Mario co-hosts on The Model Citizens Show and not much else...yet.




Michael Ruiz

Hailing from the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, Michael is a musician, writer, craft beer aficionado (a fancy way of saying alcoholic), and pro wrestling enthusiast. You can find him catching up on the latest episode of Raw, posting "artsy" pictures on his Instagram and twitter (@Super_Rooz), writing new music, or podcasting with his fellow Citizens.

Michael co-hosts on The Model Citizens Show and Reeling In The Years.





Logan Moore

Logan is a college student living in Indianapolis who deeply loves baseball, Spider-Man, and Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. He founded Millennial Gaming Speak with Max Roberts in 2015 before later coming up with the idea for what is now Model Citizens Media. Logan dreams of one day having a career in the games industry because he loves the idea of Internet trolls ridiculing all of his work. You can currently find his written work at DualShockers and follow him on Twitter @MooreMan12


He co-hosts The Model Citizens Show, Millennial Gaming Speak, and Reeling in the Years. 




Max Roberts

Max is an aspiring video game journalist that loves telling people that, yes, video games are reported on. He has a love of sharing stories about his passions with all sorts of people. So what better way to do that than talk into the void of the Internet for all to hear. Max does freelance guide writing for IGN and you can follow his bodacious life 140 characters at a time on Twitter @MaxTheWhite (a Gandalf reference).

You can find Max on Millennial Gaming Speak, The Model Citizens Show, and Behind the Pixel, but only if his fiancée approves.