Max and guest Mario Rivera chat about what they've been playing before diving into a light week of news, After the break the guys share their hopes for the next franchise to get the Sonic Mania treatment and what makes up the DNA of the Uncharted franchise.

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Intro: 0:00-6:57
What we are playing: 6:57-47:24

No Man’s Sky Patch 1.3- 47:24-52:12
Sonic Mania on PC Delayed- 52:12-01:00:32
Valve announces Artifact- 01:00:32-01:06: 55

Break- 01:06:36-01:07:06


Sonic Mania treatment-01:07:06-01:20:08
What Makes Uncharted “Uncharted?”- 01:20:08-01:32:49

Closing- 01:32:49-01:36:08

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Intro and Outro song is "OHC3" by Kris Keyser

Break song is “Courtyard Chaos“ by Greg Edmonson from “Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception.”